Hausa Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments


    1. Me ka fatimta da budaddiyar gaba?
    2. Kawo misalan budaddiyar gaba uku-uku da wadannan nau’o’i na wasali:
    1. dogo;
    2. gajere;
    3. tagwi


(a) Define an open syllable  
(b)   Mention three examples each of an open syllable with these types of vowels:

  1. long
  2. short
  3. diphthong


The question is on phonology, candidates were expected to define an open syllable and to use the three types of vowels mentioned to give three examples each of an open syllable.  Example:  
                        Dogon wasali           gajeren wasali          tagwan wasali
                        waasaa                      wayaa                       wai
                        kaazaa                       karee                       kai
                        yaaroo                        tawadaa                   tauri
                        doogoo                       kankanaa                 daidai
                                                          daree                    gwauro
Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was encouraging.


Whoever covers the secret of another person, God will surely cover his own.

The statement above is a proverb.  It requires the candidates to give it’s meaning, narrate a story that will end with the proverb and further identify other proverbs of it’s equivalent.

Examples of proverbs of it’s equivalent

-            Kowa ya jikan wani Allah zai jikan sa
-            Alheri danko ne ba ya faduwa kasa banza
-            Wanda ya taimaki wani Allah zai jikan sa.

Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor.

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