Hausa Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments

candidate's weakness

Candidates had difficulty in answering questions on sound system as well as the Oral and Written Literature aspects of the paper.  This could be attributed to lack of qualified teachers and inadequate study of the texts by the candidates.  They also had problem in orthography. Some candidates did not adhere strictly to the rubrics.   Poor handwriting and non coverage of the syllabus also contributed to their poor performance in some aspects of the papers.



-     Seminars and Workshops should be organized by the respective State Ministries of Education for Hausa teachers in areas of phonetics and phonology as well as the grammatical aspect to acquaint them with the topics.
-  Teachers should encourage candidates to develop more interest in
- Candidates should be advised to improve their handwriting and write

  • Candidates should be assisted with take-home assignments.

- Qualified teachers should be employed and the existing ones be allowed
                      to go for in-service training.
- Schools should make the selected texts available for the students in the

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