Health Science Paper 3, May/June 2014

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General Comments

Candidates' Strength

Candidate showed improvement in their ability to:

  • write cogent points during answering of questions.
  • start new question on a fresh page.
  • identify structures/diagram drew in the question paper.
  • adhere to instruction on question paper.
  • improve in their communication skill.
  • improve in their handwritings.
  • answer required number of questions.
  • name the parts labelled I, V, VI and VII in the bone illustrated.
  • mention injury that could affect the part labelled.
  • mention mineral salts found in the human skeleton.
  • mention the activity being carried out in the illustrated diagram.
  • mention diseases that are prevented through immunization by the post natal clinic/paediatric/baby or child clinic.
  • identify the deficiency condition illustrated in the diagram.
  • name sources of food that can be taken to prevent the occurrence of the goitre.
  • name the endocrine gland that produces the hormone.
  • identify the sensory organ illustrated in the diagram.
  • state ways of caring for the organ in the diagram.
  • list diseases that could affect the structure illustrated in the diagram.
  • mention materials useful in the treatment of complicated fracture.
  • state agencies involved in First Aid Services.
  • mention disease common to children.
  • state factors for the maintenance of good health.
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