History Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


Question 1

Give an account of the socio-political organization of the Urhobo in pre-colonial times.


This was not a very popular question. Many of the candidates who answered the question were able to delineate the structure and the functions attached to each component as expected but wasted time in
attempting to do so with unnecessary brevity or over emphasizing one or two areas making the overall performance in the question to be just average. They were expected to explained the following point among
(i)the smallest unit of organization was the compound, a number of which made up a village;
 (ii)like in all other decentralized communities, authority was diffused;
(iii) vital issues that affected the whole populace were discussed by the entire village;
(iv)each village had a spokesman (Otota) who was chosen on his personal merit and who sat in every discussion.

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