History Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


Question 5

(a)(i)Name the two Fulani jihadists who attacked Borno;
(ii)Mention the reigning Mai (king) when the empire was attacked.
(b)Give four reasons for the failure of the Jihad in Borno.


This was a fairly popular question but the candidates' performance was poor. Most of them could not give the correct names in (a) and in (b), some dwelt on why Borno opposed the jihadists. To score high marks, they were expected to give the following reasons among others:
(i)the Borno army was well re-organized and possessed superior weapons than the jihadists;
(ii)the Fulani soldiers were only after war booty and slaves therefore did not consolidate their conquests;
(iii)the military leadership of EI-Kanemi was superior to that of the Fulani jihadists;
(iv)EI-Kanemi's arguments against the jihad in his correspondence with Muhammad Bello.

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