History Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments
Question 9

Examine any five effects of western education on the Nigerian society before 1960.


This was another very popular question. However, most candidates did not understand the issues involved in the question. Instead of treating the effects of western education, they spent time on the missionary role in the introduction of education in Nigeria. This misinterpretation led to heavy loss of marks. Some of the points the candidates were expected to examine included:
(i)it created a class of literates who later formed the nucleus of the nationalist movement. Ernest Ikoli, Herbert Macaulay, etc;
(ii) it contributed to the emergence of working class elites who later played an important role in the labour movement of Nigeria e.q. Michael Imoudu;
(iii)it helped to produce professionals in various fields e.q. law, administration, engineering, etc.:
(iv)it weakened traditional education;
(v)Western Education produced men and women who were trained to serve in the colonial administration.

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