History Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


Question 2

(a)(i) List six tools used by wood carvers in pre- colonial times in Nigeria.
(ii) Outline three reasons why wood carvers painted their finished products .
(b)       Highlight three process of wood carving.


This was a very unpopular question and only a few candidates attempted it. They gave very poor answers because they could not list the tools used by wood carvers. They were supposed to list anvils, planes, razor
blades, axes, knives, etc. In the (b) part, they also failed to articulate the processes of wood carving thereby scoring low marks. They were expected to outline the following points:
(i)the felled tree was cut into the required shape;
(ii)the required material was gradually put into shape;
(iii)the bark of the tree was removed, etc.

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