Literature-In-English Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments
Question 12

Discuss the theme of fate in Upon An Honest man’s fortune.


IThe poem asserts that man, who is created in the image of God is the author of his own
Life “man is his own stars”.  He is in control of his own destiny. The poem reveals that in
spite of the influence of stars and other forces of nature, man ;s fate in life depends on
his honesty. “The soul that can/ render an honest and perfect man commands all light”. It is man’s action or inaction that makes or breaks him “our acts our angels are, good or
ill”. It is this view of the poet that is stressed throughout the poem as the poet pours
scorn on the astrologers and star gazers.  The poet therefore condemns
those who rely on stars to shape their destiny because God has empowered
man to be the master of his own fate and should rely on him for direction.

Candidates’ performance was fair in this question.

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