Literature-In-English Paper 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments
Question 3

Discuss Gesinde’s contribution to the development of the plot.


The question required candidates to explain Gesinde’s role in the play which includes:

  • Gesinde’s role as the provider of information about events in the play.


  • His role as herald of the allied forces.
  • His faithfulness to his masters which sustains the development of the plot.


  • His assignment to kill Adunmaadan’s son which he carried out to the letter.
  • Gesinde as a messenger of doom to the Owu women, when he announces the fate of Owu women including Erelu and her daughter.


  • His human nature as portrayed in his shedding tears when Adunmaadan pays her last respects to her slain son and his offer to bury the boy.
  • Gesinde’s gossiping nature as seen in his callous announcement of Iyunloye’s victory to the women.


Candidates’ performance was good.


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