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General Mathematics Paper 2, Nov/Dev. 2009  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Main
General Comments
Candidates Weakness

Many candidates were adjudged not to have adhered to the given instructions.  It was observed that candidates relied so much on tables and calculators even in questions which stated otherwise while others presented their responses poorly.

The chief examiner was also of the opinion that candidates exhibited weaknesses in their:

  1. interpretation and application of geometric statement and theorems as in

questions 5 and 9.

  1. interpretation of graphs.  Some candidates even drew histograms with

class limits instead of class boundaries.

  1. solution to problems on probability especially where it involved addition

and multiplication of probabilities.

  1. simplification of simple surds.
  2. response to word problems.

Though the question on number bases was well attempted, many candidates resorted to first converting to base ten rather than working in the base given in the question.

       Suggested Remedies

  1. Candidates should study the syllabus in order to know the scope of


  1. Candidates should adequately prepare for examinations by engaging private teachers or attending coaching classes.
  2. Candidates should possess adequate materials such as four-figure tables, Mathematical sets etc.
  3. Candidates should be well exposed to past WASSCE questions.
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