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General Mathematics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 2

(a)        Solve the equation  4x-1 -   3x-1  =  5-2x
                                             3          2         4
(b)        From a shop, Kofi bought 2 singlets and 3 shirts for GH¢31.00 while Kwasi bought 3 singlets and 2 shirts for GH¢29.00.  How much will Yaw    pay for one singlet and one shirt he bought from the same shop?


According to the chief examiner, part (a) of this question was well attempted by majority of the candidates.  They were able to find the LCM of the denominators and cross multiply both sides of the equality sign by the LCM which was 12. Simplifying gave 4(x-1) - 6(3x – 1) -3(5-2x) which further gave x = 31/4.  In part (b), it was reported that the question was attempted by majority of the candidates who were able to form the simultaneous equation 2x + 3y = 31; 3x+2y = 29, solve these equation simultaneously to obtain x = 5 and y = 7.  However, some of the candidates did not add these values to obtain the required price which was GH¢12.00.

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