General Mathematics Paper 2, May/June. 2011  
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General Comments

Question 5

A library received a $1,300 grant. It spends 10% of the grant on magazine subscriptions, 35% on new books, 15%  to repair damaged books, 30% to buy new furniture and 10% to train library staff.

  1. Represent this information on a pie chart.
  2. Calculate, correct to the nearest whole number, the percentage increase of the amount for buying new books over that of new furniture.

This question tested candidates’ knowledge of Pie charts. It was reported that while candidates were able to compute the sectoral angles correctly, majority of them did not draw the correct diagram. Most of the diagrams were drawn free hand without measuring the sectoral angles. Candidates were encouraged to use a pair of compasses and protractors to draw pie charts. The sectoral angles were obtained by dividing the percentage of each item by 100 and multiplying the quotient by 360o. For instance, the sectoral angle for the percentage spent on new books =  = 126o. The sectoral angles for magazine subscription, repairs of damaged books, new furniture and training are respectively 36o, 54o, 108o,36o. The required percentage increase =  = 17% approximately.

It was also observed that some candidates interchanged the units, putting % for degrees (o).

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