General Mathematics Paper 2,May/June. 2011  
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General Comments


It was reported that candidates’ performance needed to improve in the following areas:

(a)Application of the laws of logarithms – Converting indices to logarithms

(b)Reading from graphs

(c)Geometrical construction

It was also observed that many candidates did not adhere to the rubrics of the question such as leaving their answers to required degree of accuracies.

  (1)  Teachers were encouraged to participate in WASSCE coordination exercise.
  (2)  Candidates were encouraged to draw diagrams especially where such diagrams would aid          in the understanding and solution of a given problem.
  (3)  Teachers were encouraged to emphasize those areas where candidates’ performance was             described as weak.
(4)  Candidates were encouraged to read the questions carefully before answering them so that           they can appreciate their demands.
  (5)  Qualified Mathematics teachers should be encouraged to teach in schools.
  (6)  Teachers and candidates were encouraged to adequately cover the examination syllabus            while   preparing for the examination.
     (7)   Candidates were encouraged to read, understand and adhere strictly to instructions.
(8)  Candidates were encouraged to avail themselves of past WASSCE question papers while          preparing for examinations.

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