General Mathematics Paper 2,May/June. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 3
  1. Solve the simultaneous equations:

  1. A man drives from Ibadan to Oyo, a distance of 48 in 45 minutes.  If he drives at 72  where the surface is good and 48  where it is bad, find the number of kilometers of good surface.

The Chief Examiner reported that this question was popular among the candidates but while majority of them were able to attempt part(a) successfully, majority of them performed poorly in part (b).
In part (a), candidates were expected to apply the elimination method to solve the simultaneous equations.  Adding both equations gavewhich implied that
 =  Subtracting the two equations gave .  This implied that.  Hence, and y = 

In part (b), candidates were reported not to translate the word problem into mathematical expression correctly.  Teachers were encouraged to emphasize this area of the syllabus during instruction.  Candidates were expected to show that if  was the number of kilometers of good surface, then using the formula,time , = 45 minutes =  hours. Solving this equation gave x = 36 km.

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