General Mathematics Paper 2, May/June. 2014  
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General Comments


The Chief Examiner observed that majority of the candidates exhibited significant weakness in translating word problems to mathematical expressions and diagrams.  The report also stated that majority of the candidates did not adhere to the rubrics of the question especially with regards to the use of calculators and Mathematical tables.  Some areas of the syllabus that were also reported to be poorly attempted by majority of the candidates included:

  • Geometry – circle theorems and angles on parallel lines.
  • Modulo Arithmetic
  • Commercial Arithmetic
  • Manipulation of decimals and fractions
  • Reading and answering questions from graphs.
  • Representation of information in diagrams.


  • Candidates should be led to do simple arithmetic without the use of calculators and tables.
  • Candidates should be encouraged to read the questions carefully so as to understand its demand before attempting them.
  • Candidates should be led to acquire knowledge of various Mathematical concepts and how to apply them to solving problems in everyday living.
  • Teachers as well as candidates were encouraged to put in more effort to the teaching and learning of geometry and trigonometry.
  •  Teachers as well as candidates were encouraged to cover the syllabus while preparing for the examination
  • Teachers were encouraged to participate in the WASSCE main coordination as this would help them improve on their teaching skills.
Qualified Mathematics teachers should be engaged to teach the subject.
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