Metal Works Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments
Question 1

(1)  (a)       State two precautions to be observed when using oxy-acetylene gas.
  (b)       The sketch below is a type of furnace.

(i) Identify the type of furnace
(ii) State what is produced from the furnace
(iii) List two constituents of the charge fed into the furnace.

(c) List two cutting fluids used on the bench.

(d) State three lathe operations.


This question was well attempted by most of the candidates who sat for the examination.   The part of the question that proved difficult to them was
part (b).  The required responses to part (b) of the question are:

(bi) the furnace shown in the sketch is a Bessemer converter.
(bii) the furnace is used to produce mild steel
(biii) Two constituents of the charge fed  into the furnace are molten pig iron and air.


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