Metal Works Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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Question 5

(a)  The sketch below shows a beaten metalwork tool

(i)         What is the name of the tool?
(ii)        State one use of the tool.

(b)       (i)         Explain the term polishing in metal finishing.
            (ii)        Describe blueing process in metal finishing.

  1. Describe how to tap a blind hole.

(d)       Why does a hacksaw blade cut on forward stroke only?


This question was poorly answered by the candidates.  Most of the candidates could not provide the required responses to the various parts of the question except parts (bi) and (c).  The  required responses to parts (a), (b)(ii)  and (d) are:

(a)  (i)         the tool in the sketch is a Bossing mallet.
(ii) the tool is used for shaping internal curves and for hollowing in sheet metal work.

  (b)  (ii)  -   polish the work
   -           heat the work until the blue colour appears.
  -           remove the work and place it in a quenchant.

(d) A hacksaw blade cut on forward stroke only because the teeth point away from the handle, therefore it cuts on the forward stroke.
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