Metal Works Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments
Question 2

(a)       Sketch the following rivet heads:

  1. flat;
  2. pan.


(b)       State the use of each type of rivet in 2 (a)(i) and (ii) above.

(c)        Explain the following design principles:

  1. unity;
  2. harmony;
  3. rhythm.

(d)       State one example of an active flux.


Most of the candidates who attempted this question performed very well in parts (a), (b) and (d) of the question.  Part (c) of the question which was on design was not properly answered.  The required responses to part (c) of the question are:

(ci)       Unity:  A design is said to have unity when it is balanced in position and is proportional in shape.
(cii)      Harmony:  This is when the different parts of a design (shape, colour and texture) fits well.
(ciii)     Rhythm:  This is achieved by repeating lines, shapes, colour, curves and texture at regular intervals within a design.  It gives an object a pleasing appearance.

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