Basic Electricity Paper 2 , May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 6
  1. Explain how earth continuity test is carried out on an installation using low voltage transformer.
  2. State the importance of earthing in an electrical installation.

The expected answers were:
                        (a)        Earth continuity test is carried out in a given a.c. installation by
            1.         connecting a low voltage transformer to the a.c. installation;
            2.         connecting an ammeter between secondary circuit of
                        the transformer and a.c.  installations;
            3.         energize the transformer;
            4.         read the value of current that flows through the secondary circuit
                        of the transformer;
            5.         compare the value of current obtained in the above-mentioned step
                         with 1.5 A transformer rating of the a.c. installation.
                          (b)      Any one importance stated below
                                    To avoid electric shock
                                    To avoid excess current
The question was on Electrical Wiring. Many candidates who attempted this question could not explain continuity test.  The performance was reported average.

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