Civic Education Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 3

(a) Define national consciousness.

(b) State four ways of promoting national consciousness.


This was a popular question. All the candidates who attempted it demonstrated good understanding of the demands of the question; they performed creditably well and scored high marks especially in the (a) part where they were able to give a vivid definition of national consciousness. Nevertheless, some candidates deprived themselves of good marks in the (b) part as they were a bit deficient in explaining how Nigerian citizens could promote national consciousness. Below are samples of answers candidates were expected to provide to the question:


(a) National consciousness: A strong sense/feeling of attachment to one’s country over and above every other considerations, interests or peculiarities for the promotion of her common welfare/development.


i. Inculcating right values, morals and discipline in the citizens.

ii. Inculcating sound moral and religious beliefs.

iii. Encouraging justice and fairness among citizens.

iv. Public enlightenment and sensitization on the importance of civic/societal values/use of mass media

v. Encouraging national unity and understanding through healthy competitions, politics, sport and festivals, etc.

vi. Placing national interest above personal interest/patriotism.

vii. Participating in community development.

viii. Emulating exemplary leadership qualities.

ix. Respecting national symbols e.g National Flag

x. Singing National Anthem/reciting National Pledge.

xi. Recognizing and rewarding excellent performance/services of the citizens to the nation/country through National awards and other regional honours.

xii. Team work/cooperation on societal/national issues.

xiii. Demonstrating tolerance of opposition/conflicting views.

xiv. Celebrating past heroes and heroines.