Cosmestology Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 1 / Observation

 Question 1

(a) was on definition of terms such as Aesthetic, Barbering and pedicure. Majority of the candidates exhibited their ability as the question was well attempted e.g (i) Asethetics generally deals with beauty.

(ii) Barbering : this is the act of cutting; dressing; styling and shaving of hair while few candidates wrote that it is a person who babs;

(iii) some candidates define pedicure as legs are different from feet and toe nails instead of improving the appearance and care of feet and toe nails.

(b) requested for part of the human body associated with each of the areas listed in

(a)(i)Majority of the candidates answered the question correctly while some candidates answers were not serially arranged e.g feet, skin and hair instead of skin, hair and feet.

(c)(i) asked for how a set of clippers should be sterilized in a barbering salon. It was well attempted as majority answered the question correctly, this include ingredients, 70% alcohol and storage in sterilizing cabinet.

(c)(ii) Was on of chemicals used to sterilize tools in a salon. The question was not well answered by the candidates, they listed kerosene, fuel, and soap as chemical instead of alcohol, methylated spirit e.t.c

(d)(i) required for items that can be found in a First Aid box and it was well answered except for spellings and use of trade names, some candidates lose marks

This (d)(ii) was on the use of each of the items listed in d(i) above and it was well attempted and answered correctly.

(e) Was on factors to be considered when setting up a beauty salon. Majority of the candidates answered it correctly e.g advertisement, creating awareness e.t.c.