Cosmestology Paper 2, May/June 2015

Candidates' Weakness

The candidates’ weaknesses include:
 -   poor residual of knowledge e.g students  used  their home/ informal knowledge to answer some questions  like how to treat dandruff,  shave the hair and apply cream;
-    wrong spellings of technical terms e.g lies instead of lice;
-    displaying complete ignorance to diagrams and description of make-up tools;
-     inability to state the  steps in chemical hair relaxing;
-     unable to state sanitary precaution for facial make-up.
The following solutions were proffered to overcome those weaknesses;
            Teachers should           -     endeavour  to give class work;
                                                -     make use of digrams/ instructional resouce while teaching
-       encourage students by giving them assignment about digrams;  
                                                 -      check candidates spellings regularly;
                                                 -     attend seminars organized for teachers.

             Students should      -   study hard for examinations;
                                       -   write properly and stop using the SMS format;
-    make sure the spellings of technical terms are correct;
-    use available textbooks