Cosmestology Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 4 / Observation

Question 4
The (a) part of the question was on make-up, candidates are to use diagrams to describe the listed make-up tools and material, stating their use. Majority of the candidates did not attempt the question, some that attempted only described the make-up tools, the candidates performances was poor in this question.

Question (4b) was on sanitary precautions for facial make-up. Candidates that attempted the question  answered wrongly; they wrote on procedure for facial make-up e.g apply powder, cleanse and rub make-up instead of use a clean spatula always, cover make-up materials and finger nails should be short e.t.c.

Question 4(c) was on benefit and type of cheek colour/rouge of liquid, cream, dry, brush-on. The candidates responses was on effect that  make the face moist or beautiful instead of  liquid is suitable for all skin type; cream is preferred for dry and normal skin; dry is blends with the facial make-up and brush-on is easy to use.

Question 4(d) was on reasons why lip colour is used, majority of the candidates answered it correctly and scored high marks. The answers include adds colour to the lip, defines the shape of the lips temporarily e.t.c.