Cosmestology Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 3 / Observation

Question 3

a(i) which was on guidelines for buying shoes was the candidates strength as those who attempted this question scored high marks .Candidates were able to write more ideas e.g type and material for production ,easy to wear e.t.c. The part (a)(ii) of the question was on reasons why a cosmetologist should wear low-heeled shoes. The candidates answered the question very well which was prevention of fall/injury, for easy movement and to offset fatigue.

(b)(i) Was on ways in which skin care products are commonly abused. Most of the candidates did not answered it correctly, candidates wrote that ingredients should be checked before purchase, seek a cosmetologist for recommendation and buying of expensive cream instead of mixing it with chemicals, not following the instruction of manufacture and wrong use of product. Question (ii) was on factors to consider when choosing skin product. Majority of the candidates that attempted the question answered it correctly.

question(c) was on procedure for giving a facial massage, it was not answered well by the candidates that attempted the question. They were expected to state that clients should be prepared, drape body/head of a client; analyzes skin and clean the skin e.t.c.