Cosmestology Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 2 / Observation

Question 2
(a)(i)  This question on the procedure for treating dandruff was not answered correctly by candidates that attempted the question; they did not know that  procedure for dandruff treatment is just draping, oiling the scalp by using inter-red rays and indirect high frequency current e.t.c.

The (ii) part of the question was well tackled by the candidates e.g dandruff, infected hair with lice and ringworm, which is on condition for special shampoos

Question (b) which was on reasons why wig measurement should be taken before purchase. A few candidates that attempted the question wrote only two points e.g size and fitting, while many candidates wrote only one point which was size, instead of giving answers like, for easy adjustment, comfort, have a desire length etc.

The (ii) part of the question was not well tackled as well. They failed to state ways of adjusting wig, e.g shrink with hot water, adjust the hook-line at the nape etc.

Question (c) was on basic steps in chemical relaxer. Most of the candidates who attempted this question did not perform well; candidates wrote on procedure of hair relaxer like drape, base application, wash and rinse the hair instead of processing, neutralizing and conditioning etc.

The (ii) part of the question which was on classes of chemical relaxers according to their strengths was answered correctly by the candidates.