Further Mathematics Paper 2, May/June. 2015

Question 5

A car moving with an initial velocity, u, travels in a straight line with a constant acceleration of 3 ms-2 until it attains a velocity of 33 ms-1 after 6 seconds. Calculate the distance travelled by the car.


This question was also reported to attract majority of the candidates and their performance was commended. Majority of the candidates reportedly applied the equations of motion correctly. Candidates were expected to obtain the value of u first and then use it to find the required distance. Applying the formula v = u + at, where u = initial velocity, v = final velocity = 33 ms-1, a = 3 ms-2 and t = 6 seconds, we obtain the value of u = v – at = 33 – (3)6 = 15 ms-1. Substituting this value of u, t and a into the equation s = ut + at2, we obtain the required distance = s = 15(6) + (3)(62) = 144 m.