Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2010  
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Question 3

(a) Outline four advantages of air transport over water transport.
(b)How does air transport enhance the development of your country?
(c) Highlight three problems facing the operation of air transport in your country


This question was popular among the candidates. However, the parts (a) and (b) aspects of the question were not properly handled by some of the candidates that answered the question. In the (a) part of the question,
many candidates just presented the advantages of air transport without comparing it with water transport. The expected answers to the (a) aspect of the question include:
Air transport is faster than water transport.
Air transport is comfortable while water transport is tiresome and boring.
Air transport uses direct route while water transport does not Air routes have minimal interruptions while much interruptions such as the presence of cataracts, waterfall and sea weeds exist on water routes.
Helicopters can land in any open space, while ships anchor at ports.
Air transport is preferred in carrying goods of high unit values than water transport.
Helicopters can be used to reach the remotest places while water transport is limited to water courses.
War planes could reach their desired targets for either bombing or evacuation of personnels easier than ships.
The ways in which air transport enhance the development of my country include:
fast movement of goods and services;
transportation of precious mineral like gold and diamond;
fostering of diffusion of ideas and innovations;
enhancement of tourism;
fostering of national integration;
employment opportunities for pilots, clerks, security men, engineers, etc;
aerial surveys of geographical features;
aids geological mapping;
sources of revenue to government e.g. landing fees and airport tax.

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