Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments
Question 7

(a)       Draw an outline map of Africa.
On the map, show and name the:
(i)Equator and the Prime Meridian;
(ii)Rivers Niger and Nile;
(iii) Lake Chad;
(iv)Cameroun Mountains.
(b)Give a geographical account of Africa under:


The question was not popular among the candidates. Many of those who answered the question performed poorly as most map outlines that were drawn were not good enough. Also the features were poorly represented on the map of Africa.
The location and size of Africa was also difficult for some candidates.
The expected points under location of Africa included:
bounded in the North by the Mediterranean sea;
bounded in the Northeast by the Red sea and the Gulf of Eden;
bounded in the West by the Atlantic Ocean;
Africa is almost bisected by the Equator into North and South;
lies approximately between longitude 150W and 500E and latitude 35°8 and 35°N;
separated from Europe by the Mediterranean sea and from Asia by the Red sea and the Gulf of Eden;
it is the most tropical of all continents as 2/4 (24 million km2) of it lies within the tropics.
The expected points under size of Africa included:
second largest continent in the world;
its area is about 31 million km2
it is 2/3 the size Asia;
stretches for a distance of 7000 km from east to west and 8000 km from north to south.

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