Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 3

  1.  Explain five ways in which transportation contributes to the economic development of a country.
  2.    Outline five factors that hinder transport development of a country.

This question was attempted by many of the candidates and their performance in the question was good. The answered the (a) component of the question well. However, some candidates could not outline the factors that hinder the transport development of a country. The factor which hinder the transport development of a country include:

-           presence of waterfall, rapids and cataracts
-           seasonality/fluctuation of rivers
-           inadequate technology
-           rugged terrain
-           erosion
-           flooding
-           high cost of construction of roads
-           high cost of maintenance of transport facilities
-           political instability/unrest
-           inadequate/high cost of spare parts
-           high cost of vehicles, trains, ships and aeroplanes
-           poor management
-           poor planning of transport routes
-           government policy
-           inadequate capital
-           inadequate transport facilities

-           growth of waterweeds
-           low patronage of air routes
-           silting of river channels
-           adverse weather conditions
-           poor implementation of transport policy.