Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 4

  1. In what four ways has the physical setting of the Sokoto Plains influenced the types of economic activities in the region.

(b)        Highlight four problems hindering the development of this region.

(c)   Outline two ways in which the problems in (b) above can be solved.

This question was not attempted by many candidates and those who attempted the question had a moderate performance. Most of those who attempted the question could not give how the physical setting of Sokoto Plains influenced the type of economic activities in the region. The expected answer included:

-           presence of vast rolling plains encouraging animal rearing
-           seasonality of rainfall limits agricultural activities generally to one cropping                         season
-           the rich alluvial valleys and the fadamas support agriculture
-           farming due to extensive rolling plains
-           the presence of rivers supports/the practice of irrigation agriculture
-           absence of tsetseflies promote animal rearing
-           the presence of abundant pasture supports animal rearing
-           transhumance due to seasonality of rainfall
-           presence of mineral deposits encourage mining activities
-           physical setting promotes tourism
-           the long period of dry season necessitates the practice of irrigation farming
-           presence of rivers encourage fishing
-           climate is suitable for the cultivation of cereals
-           long dry season encourages the drying of grains/cereals

The (b) and (c ) components of the question were better attempted by the candidates.