Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2018


Highlighted below are a summary of the weaknesses noted on the candidates’ scripts:

  1. Poor map work

A high proportion of the candidates could not draw good sketch maps of Nigeria. Such candidates could not properly insert the required features since the outlines were poorly drawn.

  1. Listing of points:

Mere listing of points for questions that required outlining, stating, explaining or highlighting which led to loss of precious marks.

  1. Poor expressions

Some candidates expressed their points poorly because of poor command of English.

  1. Misinterpretation of Questions

Despite the clarity of the questions, some candidates could not answer them correctly showing that either they did not prepare adequately for the examination or they misunderstood the questions and wrote off point.



The following points are suggested as remedies to overcome candidates’ weaknesses:

  1.    Practising map drawing: 

Candidates are advised to practise map drawing and the insertion of      geographical features on maps across the various topics in the curriculum to achieve mastery.  Such maps should have keys for ease of reading and interpretation.

  1.    Adequate explanation of points


Points should be properly explained for questions that require outlining, describing, stating, explaining or highlighting in order to obtain full marks.

  1.    Good expression


English Language is the tool of expression in our educational system.  It is expected that candidates should properly master this tool of communication in order to properly express their lines of thoughts.

  1.     Proper interpretation of questions


   Candidates are supposed to fully understand the demands of questions before
making choice of the questions to be answered. This will ensure that they do not 
write off point.