Government 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

question 11

Highlight any four major objectives of the foreign policy of any one West African Country.



The question was not popular with the candidates as majority of them avoided it.  The few candidates that attempted it did not know the requirements of the question.  Some of them even wrote on aims and objectives of ECOWAS erroneously, thereby losing a lot of marks.The overall candidates’ performance in the question was below average.  Some of the points left out in candidates’ responses included:

  • promotion of unity and solidarity among African States;
  • termination of racial, colonial and new-colonial influences in Africa;
  • encouraging economic cooperation and self-reliance among African States;
  • creation of Pan-African Defence Force;
  • promotion and protection of national interests;
  • non-alignment to any power bloc, etc.
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