Government 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

question 2

  1. Explain the concept of political participation.
  2. Highlight any four methods of political participation.




This was another straightforward question but not very popular with the candidates. The few that attempted the question got the requirements and scored very good marks.  Majority of those that attempted the question were very much at home with the (b) part, but had a little problem in explain the (a) part to score the maximum marks obtainable.Political participation is described as a process whereby citizens of a state get themselves involved in the political activities and decision making process of their country.  The few that could give this definition were awarded their full marks.  The overall candidates’ performance in the question was above average. Candidates were expected to highlights some of the following points in the (b) part.

  • contesting elections;
  • voting in elections;
  • holding of public office;
  • membership of political parties;
  • protests and demonstration, etc.
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