Government 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

question 4

Highlight the merits and demerits of a two party-system.



The question was very popular as many candidates attempted it.  Majority of the candidates that attempted it scored very good marks.  They knew the requirements and stated their answers very well.However, a few weak candidates misinterpreted the question and wrote the merits and demerits of political parties.  This robbed them a lot of marks. On the whole, candidates’ overall performance was good.  Some of the answers candidates gave to score good marks included:


  • promotes political stability;
  • produces very strong opposition;
  • presents two alternatives to the electorate during election;
  • prevents dictatorship, etc.


  • leads to division of the society into two opposing camps;
  • may not allow the growth of minor parties;
  • party loyalty could be placed above national loyalty, etc.
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