Government 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

question 8

  1. Highlight four features of the 1979 Republican Constitution.
  2. State two ways by which the President could be removed from office according to the Constitution.




The question was a popular one as many candidates attempted it. The (a) part of the question appeared to be an easy one for the candidates.  They were able to highlight the required four features demanded by the question such as:

  • introduction of presidential system
  • supremacy of the constitution;
  • bi-cameral legislature was introduced at the centre;
  • rigidity of the constitution, etc.

were identified by candidates and they were handsomely rewarded.Unfortunately, candidates found the (b) part a bit difficult. They could not state the ways the president could be removed, and this lowered the overall candidates’ performance in the question to average. In order to score good marks in the (b) part, candidates were expected to state the following points:

  • by impeachment ;
  • permanent incapacity of president;
  • by death.
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