Government 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

          (1)     Failure to Expatiate Points

Most candidates scored low marks because they did not expatiate their points thereby resulting in loss of substantial marks.

    (2)  Poor Use of English

Some candidates found it difficult to express themselves in good English.  This prevented them from articulating their points very well.
          (3)     Misinterpretation of Some Questions

Some candidates missed the demands of some of the questions thereby losing substantial marks.

          (4)     Poor Knowledge of the Subject-Matter

Some candidates demonstrated shallow knowledge of the subject-matter as evident in their responses to some of the questions.In order to ameliorate the afore-mentioned weaknesses, candidates should take the following steps:

  • explaining their points so as to score full marks;
  • reading newspapers, magazines, journals, etc with a view to improving their use of English;
  • studying the demands of the questions very well before they dabble into it;
  • reading recommended Government textbooks and other relevant textbooks in order to improve their knowledge of the subject-matter.

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