Government 2, May/June 2012  
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question 10

(a) Describe the formation of the Nigeria National Alliance (NNA) of  1964.
(b) Highlight three achievements of the Alliance



 This was the most unpopular question of all. Majority of the candidatestried to avoid it completely while a few who attempted it performed very poorly. Altogether, the general performance of the candidates was very poor in this question. However, the candidates  were expected to explain the following points in order to score well in this question:

(a)        (i)        NNA was formed on August 20, 1964 to contest the
                        general elections of that year.           
(ii)        The political parties that joined to form the Alliance included: NPC, NNDP, Mid-Western Democratic Front (MDF), The Niger Delta Congress (NDC) and the Dynamic Party.
(iii)       The Alliance was led by the Premier of Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello.
(iv)       NNA was formed to counter UPGA which was formed in June 1964, etc.

(b)        (i)         It won more seats than the other Alliance in the 1964
                        general election.
                                                (ii)        The Alliance formed the government at federal level
                                                            after the 1964 general elections.
(iii)       It also participated in the Western Regional election of 1965 through Akintola-led Nigeria National Democratic Party.
                                                (iv)       It formed a national government in 1964.
(v)        It participated in the northern general elections of 1965 through NPC, etc.                                     


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