Government 2, May/June 2012  
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question 2

 (a) What is independence of the judiciary?
     (b) State three reasons for the independence of the judiciary.



                                        This was another popular question and a straightforward one indeed.
                       Majority of those who answered it performed well except in part B
                       which some of them got wrong. To score good marks, candidates were
                       expected to give the following answers:

  1. Judicial Independence is the freedom of the judicial organ to

administer justice without any interference or influence from either legislature or executive.

(b)        (i)         To enable judges to discharge their duties impartially.
(ii)        To prevent the courts from being intimidated.
(iii)       To protect the liberty of people.
(iv)       To ensure the public confidence in the judiciary.
(v)        To serve as independent arbiter for the interpretation of the constitution.

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