Government 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments

question 3

 Give three functions and three limitations of the legislature.



 This was the most popular question and almost all those who attempted it performed very well  except the ‘ limitations’ aspect which  they found difficult to explain. They failed to understand the limitations of the legislature and thus scored low marks. To get good mark in this question, candidates were expected to provide the following answers:

Functions of legislature:

(i)         Law making.
(ii)        Approval of Budget.
(iii)       Approval of Presidential nominees.
(iv)       Impeachment of the President.
(v)        Forum for debating national issues.
(vi)       Ratification of treaties and foreign agreements.

                                     Limitations of legislature:

(i)         Constitutional limitation
(ii)        Judicial limitation e.g. Judicial review of laws passed by the legislature.
(iii)       Executive Limitation e.g. Dissolution of parliament in the cabinet system/veto power in the presidential system.
(iv)       House rules/Standing orders of the House..
(v)        Pressure groups.

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