Government 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments

question 5

(a) What is civil service?
 (b) Explain the structure of the civil service.



    This question was popular and those candidates who answered it  performed well in it. The part B particularly was well answered and it   boost their performances and made them score high marks altogether. Nevertheless, for them to score excellently, the candidates were expected to provide the following answers:                     

  1. The Civil service is the administrative arm of the executive organ of government responsible for formulating and executing government policies.

(b)(i)Administrative class:   They advise the minister onpolicy matters.
(ii)  Professional class: They offer professional/Technicaladvice to the management on technical matters.
(iii) Executive class: They are responsible for implementation of government policies.
(iv) Clerical class:  They carry our clerical duties in the ministry.
  (v) Auxiliary/ Manual class: This class comprises carpenters, cleaners, e.t.c.                        

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