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question 8

(a) Define nationalism.
(b) State any five external factors that aided the growth of nationalism in West Africa.    




This question was popular with the candidates and they performed well.
                      They satisfied the requirement of the question except those who mixed
                      up external with internal factors that aided the growth of nationalism.
                      However, their performance was relatively good in this question. 
                      Candidates were expected to provide the following answers:
(a)       Nationalism can be defined as a strong feeling of national consciousness and love for one’s country to handle its own affairs devoid of foreign control and domination.

(b)       (i)         Atlantic Charter          -           The 1941 Atlantic charter
emphasized the right to self-determination by all the peoples of the world.
(ii)       Influence of African Americans like Dr. William Du Bois and Marcus Garvey.  They supported decolonization of Africa.
(iii)      The establishment of the United Nations Organization stimulated nationalist movements due to its stance on colonialism and Human Rights.
(iv)      Independence of India in 1947 inspired West African Nationalists in the struggle to stamp out colonialism.
(v)       British Labour Party supported self-rule for the colonized territories, etc.


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