Government 2, WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 1


(a)        Define society.                                                                                                 

(b)        Identifyfour features of a society.


This was a popular and straight forward question. All the candidates who attempted it performed very well and scored high marks. Nevertheless, some candidates deprived themselves good marks in part (b) by merely listing the points without further explanation. Candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:

(a)        A group of people who share similar values, laws and traditions living in organized communities for mutual benefit.


(b)(i)     It is controlled by rules/regulations, norms, conventions and customs.
(ii)        It applies sanctions on its members as a means of ensuring or effecting discipline.
(iii)       It also applies the use of coercive means to ensure compliance with norms, rules and customs.
(iv)       The rules and regulations of a society are binding on all residents.
(v)        Membership of a society is voluntary.
(vi)       It is permanent in nature.
(vii)      Members depend on one another for survival.
(viii)     Roles in the society are dynamic.
(ix)       It is characterized by cooperation, competition and conflicts.
(x)        It is characterized by a unique culture.
(xi)       It is characterized by common political, social and economic interests.
(xii)      Common history, tradition, language, religion and sense of value.