Government 2, WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 10


 State five obstacles to the implementation of the Economic Community of West Africa State (ECOWAS) aims and objectives.



This was not a popular question and many of the candidates who answered the question performed below average. They failed to understand the demands of the question and scored low marks. However, the candidates were expected to write the     following points in order to score high marks:

(i)         Intra and inter states conflicts/political instability. E.g. Mali, DR Congo etc.
(ii)        Fear of domination of smaller states by larger ones.
(iii)       Inability of member states to pay their dues.
(iv)       Inability to implement most of its policies.
(v)        Language barrier.
(vi)       The absence of an Africa High Command/standing army.
(vii)      Over-reliance of member states on their colonial masters.
(viii)     The use of different currencies among member states.
(ix)       Membership of other international organizations e.g. OPEC, Commonwealth etc.
(x)        Poverty, famine, ignorance and diseases.
(xi)       International terrorism.
(xii)      Problems of refugees and internally displaced people.
(xiii)     Over-dependence on external sources for development.
(xiv)     Ideological differences.
(xv)      The reluctance on the part of member-states to surrender their sovereignty for a common cause.
(xvi)     Lack of consensus on international issues.
(xvii)    Frequent border disputes.