Government 2, WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 8


Highlight five functions of the President in the 1989 Constitution of Nigeria.


This was not a popular question and the candidates who attempted it performed poorly. Candidates overall performance in this question is below average. However, the candidates were expected to give the following points as answers to the question:


(i)         The President is the Chief Executive of the country who performed the day to day  administration of the country.
(ii)        He inaugurated the National Assembly at the beginning of each session.
(iii)       He assented to bills passed by the National Assembly into laws.
(iv)       He appointed key officers e.g. ministers, ambassadors, the CBN Governor, Director of government agencies among others.
(v)        He represented the country at international conferences like UNO, AU,Commonwealth, ECOWAS, etc.
(vi)       He was the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
(vii)      He performed ceremonial functions.
(viii)     He exercised prerogative of mercy. He pardoned convicted persons or those found guilty of treason.
(ix)       He signed treaties with other countries on behalf of the country.
(x)        He formulated policies for good governance.
(xi)       He prepared and presented the annual budget to the National Assembly for approval.
(xii)      He was empowered to declare a state of emergency/maintenance of law and order.
(xiii)     He presides over executive council.
(xiv)     He received ambassadors from other countries/He maintained external relations with other countries.
(xv)      He could declare war subject to the approval of the National Assembly.
(xvi)     Declare National Assembly close i.e. prorogue.