Government 2, WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 3


(a)        Highlight three methods of acquiring citizenship.                            
(b)        Outline two conditions an alienmustsatisfy before becoming a citizen of another country.


This was also a popular question. Many of the candidates that answered this question scored high marks. However, few candidates performed poorly in part (b) and score low marks. The candidates were expected to write the following points as answers to the question:


(a)(i)    Citizenship can be acquired by birth i.e. born by parents who are citizens of the country/state.
(ii)        Citizenship can be acquired by naturalization; a citizen of another country can apply for citizenship of another country where he/she resides.
(iii)       Citizenship by registration i.e. through marriage.
(iv)       Citizenship by descent or when grandparents claimed to have migrated from somewhere.
(v)        Adoption through legal process.
(vi)       Honorary/conferment by the state.
(vii)      Conquest through wars/subjugation.
(viii)     Foundling. This citizenship involves rescuing of children on the streets.


(b)(i)    The alien must have good  character or of good reputation.
(ii)        The alien must have married a citizen for not less than a period of 5 years.
(iii)       He or she must have lived in the country for a very long period of time which may range from 15 – 20 years.
(iv)       The alien must have renounced his/her former nationality.
(v)        The applicant for the citizenship must take the oath of allegiance.
(vi)       He/she must be of a matured age i.e. eighteen (18) years.
(vii)      The alien must be capable of contributing meaningfully to the advancement and progress of the country.
(viii)     He/she must be acceptable to the locality where he/she is residing.