Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2013

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General Comments


          Candidates  showed improvement in their ability to:

  •  write cogent points in answering questions asked
  •  name parts labelled in the illustrated bones and muscles of the arm
  •  name the injury that may occur if the part labelled II shifts at V in the illustrated bones and  muscle of the arm
  • describe the first aid treatment for dislocation
  • mention the type of joint shown in the diagram
  • name the parts labelled I and IV in the joint illustrated
  • mention injuries which could affect the joint illustrated in the diagram
  • mention the location in the human body where the joint illustrated could be found
  • name the disease that causes pains and swelling at the joint illustrated  
  • identify the equipment illustrated (clinical thermometer)
  • read and record the readings of the equipment
  • mention the human parts where the equipment could be placed for usage
  • name the labelled parts of the human skin
  • name the stimuli which may be detected by the part labelled II in the human skin
  • state functions of the skin
  • name types of tissues in the body
  • name structures that form the urinary system
  • list regions of the vertebral column
  • name non - alcoholic beverages
  • state negative effects of alcohol on the body
  • name the products of the fusion of the ovum and spermatozoan
  • list the main stages of mitosis.



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