Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 1

(a) Explain five properties of leather.



This question was attempted by few candidates, most of whom performed below average. The question required the candidates to explain five properties of leather. Most candidates were able to list some properties of leather but were unable to expatiate on the points listed. This made them score below average marks.


The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to score higher marks.


(i) Elasticity

- leather can be subjected to some degree of stretch without any physical damage.

- It can be pulled, stretched and it can expand to actualize certain functions or usage.


(ii) Tensile strength

- Leather can withstand a high level of stress without being damaged.


(iii) Flexibility

- the fibrous nature of leather is well structured that it cannot easily be worn out or be pulled apart.

- It can be bent, top to bottom, side to side, grain in or grain out.

(iv) Durability

- leather last very long, its products have life span surviving decades if well processed.


(v) Perspiration

- It is leather’s ability to absorb and transmit moisture.

- leather can breathe, the internal structure allows some air circulation, hence its suitability for shoe production.


(vi) Pliability

- it has the propensity to retain a desired shape, hence it can be molded easily.


(vii) Water resistance

- it repels water

- it can be immersed in water and will not swell - it can retain water on the surface which makes it suitable for water containers e.g tankards, stoup etc.