Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 6


(a) List any five components of a shoe.

(b) State one function each components mentioned in 6 (a)


This question was also popular among the candidates, most of whom scored relatively high marks. Candidates were required to list the components of a male laced shoe and to state the function of each component listed. The overall performance of candidates in this question was quite impressive. These candidates were expected to state thus to score maximum marks in this question.


(a) (i) insole

(ii) tongue

(iii) sole (outsole)

(iv) heel

(v) lace

(vi) welt

(vii) Top piece

(viii) shank

(ix) eyelet

(x) toe cap


(b) (i) insole

- the insole covers the sole.

- it serves as a comfort cushion to the foot.


(ii) tongue - a layer of leather which serves as a shield to the instep of the foot.


(iii) outsole - it resist water from entering the shoe.

- it serves as a grip on the ground.

- it protects the upper part of the shoe from the hard surface of the ground.


(iv) heel - it gives the shoe stability and balance.

- It increases the height of the wearer.


(v) lace

- it serves as fastener.

- it brings the two edges of the shoe together.


(vi) welt

- It serves as decoration

- It serves as reinforcement in a shoe.


(vii) top piece

- it reduces the friction between the heel and the ground

- it increases the lifespan of the heel.


(viii) shank

- it reinforces the shoes

- it reduces the pressure from the foot on the sole


(ix) eyelet - it protects the lace hole

- it makes lacing easy

- it serves as decoration


(x) toe cap

- it protects the toes.

- it retains the shape of the shoe.

- it serves as decoration.