Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 3

(a) List any five punching tools.

(b) State one function of each of the tools listed in 3 (a).



A good number of candidates attempted this question and scored relatively high marks. The question required candidates to list five punching tools and to state the function of the punching tools listed in the (a) part of the question. Most candidates were able to list some punching tools but only few were able to state the functions of the tools listed.

Candidates were expected to answer thus:


(a) (i) revolving punch/rotary punch

(ii) arch punch

(iii) thonging chisel

(iv) strap punch

(v) round drive punch

(vi) oval drive punch

(vii)oblong punch


(b) (i) Revolving punch/rotary punch – the revolving punch is used to punch round holes os six different sizes on leather

(ii) Arch punch- the arch punch is used to punch large round holes. The punches are of different sizes.

(iii) Thonging chisel- this tool is used to punch slit holes especially lacing holes on a straight line

(iv) Strap end punch – this tool is used to cut a ‘V’ or ‘C’ end of a belt, hand bag or garment strap.

(v) Round drive punch – this is used to punch a small round hole on leather.

(vi) Oval drive punch- this tool is used to punch a single oval shape on leather.

(viii) Oblong punch- this is a single hand punch designed especially for punching slit shaped holes for installing claps, buckles, straps on hand bags or sandals.