Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 4

Describe the following types of leather used for leather works:


(a) side-uppers;

(b) skivers;

(c) suede.



This question was quite popular among candidates, most of whom scored average marks. Most candidates were unable to adequately describe some types of leather used for leather works to score higher marks. Candidates were expected to answer thus to score maximum marks:


(a) Side uppers

- Term used to described a kind of leather from the grain split of hides

- Refers to a leather obtained from a hide cut from the neck along the backbone to the tail end

- It is used for upper of shoes.


(b) Skivers

- Refers to a grain split of sheep skin

- Used for hat band leathers, bag linings, book binding, pocket books and fancy leather goods

- It is usually vegetable tanned

- It is usually very thin leather ranging from 0.5mm to 0.8mm.


(c) Suede

- Grained leather with snuffed surface.

- Buffed flesh surface leather.

- Produced on chrome/vegetable tanned leather.